Frequently Asked Loan Questions

Will you do 100% financing?

Yes, with the use of other real estate collateral.

Will you finance repairs?

Yes, we will make advances during the term of the loan for repairs.

What is your minimum loan amount?

The minimum amount of our loan is $100,000.00.

What is your maximum loan amount?

The maximum amount of our loan is $700,000.00.

What is the cost for advances for repairs?

You will not be charged anything for unused funds until you take draws for repairs. You do not pay fees or interest on funds you are not using.

How long does it take to close?

We close in days, not weeks or months. If necessary, we can close a loan the day after we approve an application. In most cases, because we need title work and the Seller needs to prepare, the average closing time would be two or three days.

Do I need an appraisal?

No. At our own expense we will check comparable sales and properties currently on the market to confirm your projections are realistic.

Do we need tax returns, or financial statements, or verification of income?

No, we do not require income verification.

Do you obtain credit reports?

Yes. While we are not processing your loan like a bank, we do need to know our Borrower.

Can I be pre-approved for funds to make cash offers using a “proof of funds” letter?


Investors and banks seem to have specific approval requirements. What are yours?

We are loaning our own funds. We do not have to answer to a committee or bank regarding our decision to make a loan. We can be flexible and will listen to your deal and tailor a loan to meet your needs.

Do you make loans outside of Colorado?


Will you make loans to entities other than individuals?

Yes. We will make loans to corporations, estates, trusts, LLCs, partnerships, and other entities.

Do you work with brokers?

Are there application or other fees required prior to closing a loan?


Do I need to pay origination fees in cash at closing?

In most cases the fees can be added to the loan amount.

We do not currently offer credit or debit card payments.
Please call 303-458-1100 with any questions.